About Us

Since the company's inception in 1985, the name BIOTEKTM has been synonymous with quality products and services.

Our mission is to provide our client customers with specialty chemicals, equipment, technical support and services beyond their expectations.

We will never compromise product quality for any purpose and insist that the products we provide perform as promised.

In a commodity-driven climate of "me-too lookalikes", BIOTEKTM stands out from the crowd through our product selection of safe, biodegradable and environmentally responsible solutions for solving real world problems.

With the ever-changing demand for safer solutions mandated by federal, state and local regulations, BIOTEKTM is addressing the public's concern for the environment by introduction new generation cleaning and maintenance products that meet this growing need.

If you are serious about maintaining your facility with products that are safe, save time and money and perform, count on BIOTEKTM to support and aid you in addressing your maintenance concerns.